Project Description

Farm Management, Certification and Marketing of Deciduous Fruit Farms

  • AGRI-IQ was tasked to provide training and documentation on all agricultural aspects relating to GLOBALG.A.P. V5 certification and management system implementation. This will provide certification which allows for product exports.
  • Provide farm management services across all aspects of the horticultural process. This will include all infield husbandry, fruit harvest and packing and market linkages which will assist farmers to access and sell produce to favorable markets at premium price.
  • Training of all Farm Management and workers in order to transfer the necessary skills so that the farms become self-sufficient and sustainable operations in the future.
  • On behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and supported by the World Bank
  • Country: Lesotho

  • Location: Mahobong

Key tasks:

  • Farm Management and product marketing for deciduous fruit 
  • Logistics of getting fruit to the market
  • GLOBALG.A.P.. certification training and management system implementation 

Facts / Outcome / Impact

Farms capacitated


Farms certified as GLOBALG.A.P. compliant


Management trained


Government Extension officers and Officials trained


Workers Trained