Project Description

The Illovo Graduate Programme

Small Scale Grower Farmers, extension officers and students of the Illovo Graduate Programme were equipped with the relevant skills to train community members successfully using a train the trainer approach. A support and mentor approach was then employed to ensure the effective transfer of agricultural technical skills and governance principles knowledge from the trainers to the co-operative members.

  • Country: Mozambique

  • Location: Maragra

Key tasks:

  • Build capacity of extension officers and graduates in effective training methods
  • Provide training services on governance principles,
  • Training inbusiness plan development, business understanding and technical farm husbandry

Facts / Outcome / Impact


  • Growers are better equipped to develop 1540ha of sugarcane and 460ha of food crops

  • Relevant stakeholders are better positioned to offer effective mentor services to small growers

Number of modules in Maragra Programme


Number of people trained at Maragra