Project Description

Solidaridad Network Sustainability Management Tool Development and Training

An IT driven, small grower assessment tool was developed with funding through the Solidaridad Network. The Sustainability Management Tool (SMT) is used to establish the baseline for small growers and highlights areas for development. The tool thereby enhances the sustainability of the small growers. Illovo and Government extension officers received training on the implementation and usage on the SMT.

  • Countries: Swaziland, Malawi, Tanzania

  • Location: Various Illovo farming operations

Key tasks:

  • Participate on the SMT development team
  • Provide training on the use and application of the SMT to Illovo and Government extension officers

Facts / Outcome / Impact


  • Provide better understanding of the needs of individual Small Grower Farmers.


  • Institutional Governance

  • Business Practices

  • Health and Safety

  • Environment

  • Production

People Trained: Malawi


People Trained: Swaziland


People trained: Tanzania


Total Modules Trained:


Total number of people capacitated