One of Agri-IQ’s key focus areas is to equip people and communities with skills to assist them to start small businesses and seek employment opportunities. We understand the need to promote self-sufficiency and create sustainable futures for communities.

Working hand in hand with them we develop their skills and knowledge through structured and practical training. The cutting-edge training utilises the latest methodology of gamification and interactive participation to develop management skills and the entrepreneurial mindset. Pre and post tests measure the uptake of learning during each module.

Our training programmes are suitable to help any aspiring individual to understand entrepreneurship and how a newly formed business can become successful.

Our recent training interventions have assisted young entrepreneurs and their businesses to become sustainable and to service the communities in which they live.

These include:

• Vegetable farming

• Poultry and broiler production

• Hair dressing and beauty salons

• Cake decorating

• Spaza shops

The training includes the drawing up of business plans. This enables entrepreneurs to make applications to funding organisations. Modules also provide them with the financial knowledge to run their businesses successfully.

Agri-IQ’s programmes contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and SA National Development Plan.