Agri-IQ believes that the contribution of emerging farmers to the agricultural industry in Southern Africa will continue to grow significantly.

We recognise that society requires large businesses to become more pro-active in ensuring that their value chain suppliers, including Small Scale Growers and Land Reform farmers, become compliant, sustainable, and ethical in their farming practices.

Agri-IQ is strategically aligned to offer customised programmes to Small Scale Growers (SSG) and Land Reform farmers (LRF) to develop their skills and knowledge in Good Governance and Compliance.

Our programmes are based on:

• The introduction of baseline assessments to measure the compliance level of each individual farmer.

• The use of continuous monitoring and evaluation (M & E) systems to measure and analyse progress.

• An individual coaching process, assisting the grower to improve their business compliance as measured against South African legislation and regulations.

• Group workshops and individual mentoring to improve leadership, financial and management skills development.

This in turn results in individuals:

• Becoming skilled and resilient to economic, social, and environmental shocks.

• Ensuring that they are sufficiently skilled to maintain their business through improved business acumen.

• Ensuring that their businesses become sustainable, thereby enhancing job creation and economic wellbeing.

• Understanding unethical behaviour and the consequences thereof.

“Good governance is a journey, not a destination.”